Adult Program

One World Aikido at Magnuson offers classes three evenings per week. Students of all skill levels practice together. We do not offer separate beginning classes as we feel that beginning students have most opportunity to learn when supported by partners with exisiting skills. Because our classes are small, students receive a great deal of personal instruction and are well supported in developing their practice. We recommend that students attend at least two classes per week, but students may attend more if they choose to do so. You can view the class schedule by clicking here.

Photo by Blake Hutchinson

Classes begin with stretching and breathing exercises. These exercises are designed to prepare the body for training, focus the mind, and help the student to become centered. Class then progresses to tumbling practice as tumbling is integral to receiving throws. The body of the class is working on throwing arts and/or weapon work. Integral skills, such as connection with a partner and extension of ki are taught within the techniques themselves. Usually, the instructor will demonstrate a movement in front of the class, say a few words about it, and then the students will be asked to practice. The instructor then circulates among the students to make suggestions, give feedback, and provide constructive support for good practice. Quite often, weapon work is done toward the end of class. If you would like to more about weapon work, please click here.

Testing for rank is done as part of program, with no added fees. You may read more about testing by clicking here.

If you would like more information about our classes, please click here to mail our Chief Instructor.

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