Teen Program

Photo by Blake Hutchinson

The Teen Program at One World is a unique opportunity for kids ages 12-18, or in grades 6-12. The Teen Program is designed to provide middle and upper school age kids a chance to train with other people their own age who are committed to aikido practice. In addition to building aikido skills, the teens are working to develop skills in setting and achieving goals, problem solving, leadership, teamwork and self reliance. Teens practice all of the throws and pins that the adults practice, as well as practicing with the jo and bokken. For more information about weapons practice, please refer to the Weapons Practice page.

Photo by Blake Hutchinson

Students in the Teen Program have training requirements. Teens are required to attend 6PM class on Wednesdays, and must practice at least one other day per week. They may train more if they wish.

In addition, the teens often have special activities which they plan and arrange. These might include an impromptu gathering to play games, and overnight at the dojo with the Chief Instructor, a swim party, or other activities.

Teens are tested in two ways, depending on age. Students in middle school are tested by the colored belt requirements. You may wish to read more about this on the Children's Program page. Teens in upper school are tested as adults. In general, it takes 3-4 months of training to be ready for the first test.

If you have questions about this program, please mail our Chief Instructor.

Please send comments to the Chief Instructor.